Monday, October 08, 2001

The US counterstrike has begun (with the help of Britain). The Afghanis are counting bodies, just like us (though no where near as many). Does that make things better? Not so sure. But it makes us feel better. Vengeance is always appealing, isn't it? A video tape of bin Laden praising the attacks on the WTC surfaced over the past couple of days. At first there were reports that the video included a statement from bin Laden admitting that he was behind the attacks. Now the media is saying that he did NOT claim responsibility, but he sure does give a lot of praise to the people who did the deeds. But most people I know see this as being just as bad (if not worse) than an admission of responsibility on his part.

I sincerely hope that the rumors of covert strikes by elite groups of soldiers are true. I think we should really try our best to assassinate bin Laden (and Mullah Mohammed Omar, plus the other Taliban leaders) and keep the widespread bombing to a minimum. I mean, we out-tech those bastards by dozens of years. It couldn't be that hard to find these guys, could it?