Friday, June 29, 2001

I know that I have not made any additions to this blog in some time, but I was busy since last Friday dealing with a pesky vestigial organ. You guessed it, yers trooly no longer has his appendix. Turns out that it was going bad for about, oh, TWO MONTHS, and my quack doctor did not realize it. Anyway, last Friday I woke up with the worst stomach pains I have ever had and I threw up about three times before crawling to the phone to call my girlfriend. She got out of work to drive me to the nearest hospital, which incidentally is literally a three minute drive (in mid-morning traffic) from our place. I then sat for about 15 minutes in the emergency room waiting area, writhing in agony, waiting...waiting...waiting...until finally they took me back to the main emergency room area. So I was there from about 11 AM to sometime in the eight o'clock hour before they finally figured out that it was my appendix. About to burst. I hadn't had an operation since I was 5 years old. It was such a surreal experience, going down in an elevator to the operating area of the hospital...the elevator opened onto a silent expanse of yellow-tiled corridors that were freezing cold. They wheeled me into an equally frigid operating theater with soft jazz playing in the background...the doctors greeted each other jovially as they put me on heart monitors and all other sorts of contraptions...and then they told me that they were putting me to sleep...and there was no fading from was like turning off a light switch...the next thing I knew I was in the recovery room with a hole in my stomach and a body full of drugs. They shot me up with demerol (why do they have to give them in the ass?!) for about a day and a half. Anyway, a week later there is just some soreness and some stiffness to deal with...I was only able to really sit down and concentrate enough to write this today. Surgery changes one's perspective on makes one really confront human frailty and mortality...even routine surgery like mine. It makes you that much more conscious of your body, and makes you want to improve your treatment of it. Next I think I need to get all of my wisdom teeth out at one time...that should be just as fun as this episode.